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Do you remember the buzz at toy stores nationwide over the "My Buddy And Me" toy in the mid 1980's? It was a large doll manufactured by Playskool that was available in two forms, a boy and a girl. If you were a young child at that time, your buddy doll was at your side all the time. Now with the release of the Interactive Buddy game, your best friend from grade school just got a virtually make over

Interactive Buddy

Do YOU like it? :)


From the PC to the Smartphone

Instead of your buddy doll cruising around the block on your Big Wheel, you have a new Interative Buddy who is just at your fingertips. Anyone can play this game on any internet-friendly devices such as an iPad, smartphone,or any personal computer. This flash game was first released by Shock-Value in 2005 and has gradually created quit a following.

From Missiles to Bowling Balls

A real human could not take the type of beating that Interactive Buddy can, again and again. He is basically this little character that is composed of little bouncy bubble balls that sort of resembles the guy made out of tires in the Michelin advertisements. You spend you time attacking Interactive Buddy with anything from missiles to bowling balls. However, because the buddy is made of virtual bubble matter, he is indestructible and literally bounces back every time. Who needs a stress ball at your desk when you have this game at your fingertips?!

More Money More Fun

Each time that you interact with your bubbly friend you earn money. With the money that you earn, you can buy items to use inside the game. These range from buying your Interactive Buddy a virtual make over with the purchase of a new skin or you can give it special powers. With the first Interactive Buddy that was released, you could buy around 25 items. With each additional update, Interactive Buddy continues to improve.

Interactive Buddy 2 and 3

Thus far, the initial game was tweaked and de-bugged which allowed for the release of Interactive Buddy 2 and Interactive Buddy 3. Following the advancement in touch screen technology for smartphones, came the release of Interactive Buddy 2. He was bigger and better than ever, with more items to buy, more skins to purchase, and the character could even be controlled by the touch of screen, not the touch of a button. Interactive Buddy 2 also introduced a new friend, the Buddy Girl!

With Interactive Buddy 3, the madness continues. You can tell in just by graphics and player interaction, how much technology continues to advance, especially from 2005 to 2013. Buddy Girl and Buddy Guy can now express emotion and the user can customize a skin after earning enough money instead of having to buy a pre-designed one.

Since the first release of Interactive Buddy in 2005, this game has come leaps and bounds. This game was lucky enough to advance alongside smart phone technology and has created quite a following. Nationwide, Interactive Buddy is considered to be one of the best games to relieve stress. Who needs an old fashioned stress ball when you can launch missiles at your Buddy Girl and pretend that it is your ex-wife!